Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Month-ish, or Something.

Trying to get back into the swing of things after Valentines Day. The kids made vegan cupcakes, not raw ones, and they were impossible for me to turn down. But that's okay. Back on track now. I'm not sure if it's just my view of the raw "diet" or if it is actually different than the other ways of eating, but it seems very easy to jump back into. I stocked up on my favorite fruits and vegetables, whipped up the smoothies and some fresh OJ and voila. I'm back on. It's not all or nothing.
I saw a blog once that was supposed to be a raw foods blog but instead the lady used it as her confession booth. Every day she rattled down all of non-raw splurges she succumbed to, like she was committing a horrible sin each time. It was not a very inspiring blog and her guilt must have made the raw way of life seem difficult and unattainable for her with her strict definition. We're all on our own path. Aiming in the right direction is all you can ask for sometimes.

Back to Valentine's Day...I've been thinking lately. Raw foods are way sexier than meat, dairy, and processed foods, aren't they? I mean, just picture eating fresh strawberries, peaches, ...bananas! Way sexy right? I don't think I even need to go into detail on that one. (Haha, sorry!).
Now picture eating burgers, cheese pizzas, and sipping soda. Grease dripping down your face and all over your napkin, bubbly soda giving you that sticky gross feeling in your mouth and on your teeth and then burping up all the carbonation. Then feeling more like sitting on the couch or taking a nap afterwards. Not so hot. Raw is way hotter! You smell better, look better, and have actual energy to move with!

On to salad. Hey, you know what? The salads I have now are SO much more awesome than the ones I used to make. Before, my salads were basically lettuce or spinach, some store bought vegan dressing and maybe some croutons. Now my typical salad is spinach or romaine, with a raw almond topping (processed in the food processor with garlic and seasoning), lemon juice, olive oil, red pepper, raw cashews on top, and maybe some diced apple. Sprinkled with some Italian seasoning and a dash of sea salt. Now THAT'S a salad! It actually becomes a true full meal now instead of a side salad.

I'm happy to say at this point I'm no longer counting days and weeks. I know it's been a bit over one month now for me. The first few weeks I couldn't wait for the next day just to know I'd made it one more day. But, by gosh, I think it has actually worked it's way into my life! My comfort zone. Yes, I can keep this up.

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