Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spring Update!

It's been a few months now so I thought I'd update. Still loving raw foods but not without ups and downs. I have strayed several times from eating mostly raw every day to barely raw some days. One thing I've kept consistent is my daily green smoothies though. I have to have them! I have to!

One thing going back and forth is that you REALLY notice the effect the way you eat has on you! Seriously. I HATE the feeling of sugar now. My sugar addiction still rears it's ugly head here and there, but I really don't like the feeling of it. Other things that change back and forth is my weight, my complexion, my mood, and my voice. Yes, my voice! I can HEAR the difference when I'm keeping up with the raw diet. My voice is smoother and never cracks when I'm raw. I'm not a good singer either way, but when I'm singing my heart out in the car, I can actually hit more notes when I'm raw. It's really amazing! (Don't ask me to show you though.)

This week has been a fairly good week for raw for me. I've been hitting the smoothies hard. We've been going through two to three blender-fulls a day (the kids like them too). I have a list hanging on my refrigerator of what to grab when I'm needing something quick. My list reads: "Veg sandwiches (I use Ezekiel bread--not raw but sprouted and good filled with raw veggies.). Smoothies. Bananas. WATER. Apple ginger lemonade (always helps when I'm craving), and Apples." If I can stick to even just those staples and add some good fun recipes around them, it helps.

I recently bought the book "Nature's Garden" about Edible Wild Plants, by Samuel Thayer after a friend recommended it. I'm so excited to learn about foraging for edible plants. Today the kids and I were tasting some wood sorrel for the first time from the kids' play yard. I can't wait to learn more and make some wild salads.

We've also expanded our garden this spring, I had a tiny one last year, my first. I still have a lot to learn but hoping to get some good stuff out of them in the coming weeks!

So that's how it's been! I think once you know how great it feels to be raw, it's pretty hard to settle for the way you feel eating what you used to eat. I may indulge here and there, and fall off the wagon at times, but I always want to go BACK to raw!

Dehydrated Fruit Roll-Ups!

My lil helper.

Carrot Juice