Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back To Raw

Yes, back on. Thank goodness.
News: Princess the blender retired and has been replaced by....VITAMIX!!! Yay!!!! Maybe sometime I'll change the blog picture...or maybe not.
So, besides that, I have some new outlooks that have helped me out enormously. For one thing, I've been watching some of Freelee's videos and some others on Youtube and I give myself permission to concentrate on FRUIT. Ohhhh...this is so much easier than the gormet raw I was doing. Though I felt awesome doing that too, this time I haven't had the cravings (yet, anyways). I initially was using the raw diet to clear up candida issues so, at that time, I thought too much fruit might not work. But I've read up on many who have gotten over candida on a High Fruit Raw Vegan diet. I'm planning on picking up the book 80-10-10 as well to get some more info. I've pretty much kicked most the candida anyways, but good to know.

It's been 8 days at about 98-100% raw. I've lost 8 lbs and am just now getting past the initial detox feeling and am feeling the raw energy. Ohhhh how I missed it. My big staples are bananas, dates, and green smoothies! Also, I use Ezekiel tortillas (not considered raw but sprouted grain) filled with greens, red pepper, tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, and cucumber. I've also discovered raw Kombucha. The other day I picked up some raw flax "pizza flavored" chips and had a Kombucha. It was like beer and pizza to me. Haha! I can totally feel the tiniest amount of alcohol produced in the Kombucha. It's quite entertaining to me.

One of my favorite things about being raw is how completely awesome fresh raw food starts to taste. I get truly excited and all happy at the very smell of green onions. Truly! Like, more excited than I used to get for vegan pizza! (Raw vegan pizza sprinkled with green onions, however, might just bring me to tears...haha).

Another wonderful thing is one I cannot quite explain. The psychological change that takes place being raw. Life kind of looks...better. The way I carry myself changes. My mood changes. The way I view myself changes. And not just because I look better raw and perhaps adds to self-confidence, it's something much deeper and more amazing. I don't quite understand it yet...but it's good.

Whether or not this is finally the year I maintain a raw vegan lifestyle permanently, I know I will always be aiming for it. That lets a lot of pressure off! I'm keeping it simple and just Being. Just feeling. Just enjoying. I have learned that this is that "secret" everyone looks for but few want to admit works.

So...if persistence means anything, one of these times it'll stick. Maybe this time!

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